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Ford Approved Van Replock - Ford Transit Custom

Ford Approved Van Replock - Ford Transit Custom
Ford Transit Custom ReplockReplock FittedFREE - Care Pack For Your LocksFREE - Care Pack for Van Locks

Ford Approved Van Replock - Ford Transit Custom

Price (inc.VAT): 145.00

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FREE Care kit for your locks

FORD APPROVED - Replock Ford Custom 2012 onwards Security Ford replocks for your vans driver's door supplied & fitted

Ford Approved Replocks for Fords vans are a replacement security bezel for the well-known and vulnerable factory lock on the driver's door which has been exposed by thieves on Ford custom.

The factory fitted Ford Custom lock is gripped and twisted with ease which breaks the barrel and gains entry quickly and quietly.

The Ford Replock has a tapered edge making it difficult to get a grip of, it also spins when turned meaning that the barrel safe and is not broken. Access is not gained to the vehicle easily or quickly making your vehicle less of a desirable target.

Tradesman, delivery drivers, workman and couriers are the backbone of this country, the impact on your livelihood can be devastating when your van is broken into. Most thieves' are looking for quick soft targets and will choose the easiest vans they can find. A replock installation makes them think twice. Don't make it easy for them.

Key features
Comes with 2 x Dimple Keys
Anti-drill, anti-pick, high security
Grip resistant and spinning mechanism
Direct Replacement for the OE lock
Instant protection from Lock Pick tools
Stainless steel (lock and bezel)
Unique key system
2 Year warranty on the lock, 1 year on the labour*
Highest level of manufacturer quality
Superior quality barrels
Visual Deterrent

*The warranty is based on the lock being looked after and maintained as per our recommendations

Installation Location
The Replock can be installed on Ford Custom 2012 onwards:
Drivers Door

Ford Custom Replock fitted price - all our van replocks give you an installation option and fitted prices. This is a mobile service and UK wide.

FORD APPROVED Van Replock for Ford Custom Fitted UK Wide, mobile fitting and at your premises

Heavily discounted installation prices when booked via AVRmobiles.co.uk Limited

We have a nationwide installation network of dedicated professional lock fitters which are mobile, so comes to your premises to complete the work giving you freedom with minimal disruption to your day.
*Our installations are carried out and booked directly giving you security and peace of mind.

Replock Ford Custom Installation
All vehicles are carefully worked on with highly skilled van lock specialists
All installations are pre-treated with Waxoyl
All installations are post treated with Lubricants
Nationwide UK coverage

Vehicle Locations for your Ford Custom Replock
Driver's door

*We also have our own UK wide van Ford Replock fitters, and on occasions we will use our engineers if we believe this is of benefit to our customers.

Van Security Locks After Care Kit - FREE with every order
A free gift!

Park Safe Universal Standard Display

To help prolong the life of your van lock we have provided a free car pack to help you look after and maintain your lock, we just need you to follow the simple steps below.

Your pack includes
1. Key Card
2. Cloth
3. Lubricant Spray
4. Case

Follow these steps to keep your warranty valid
1. Keep the key card safe. This is required to order duplicate keys, or to replace locks to the same code.
1. Lubricate your locks with a PTFE base spray monthly.
2. During adverse weather, or high usage, then lubricate the locks for often.
3. If the key /lock become stiffer, or difficult to use, then they are not being lubricated enough.

How to lubricate
1. Shake the can vigorously to ensure the contents are mixed.
2. Insert the nozzle/straw into the keyway and apply sufficient spray in short bursts.
3. Run the key in and out of the lock several times.
4. Use more spray if required.
5. Repeat running the key in and out of the lock.
6. Remove any residue from the key and lock face.
7. Test the operation of the lock.
8. Clean the area using the cloth supplied.
9. Repeat the above until the lock is no longer stiff.

Failure to regularly lubricate and maintain your locks may result in invalidating your warranty.

Keys that show signs of wear immediately, snapped and/or damaged keys are not covered under warranty.

Van security Locks Warranty

To maintain your warranty, please refer to the information in the 'caring for your locks' tab on this product page.

Your lock comes with 2 years parts warranty, and 1 year labour warranty.

As part of keeping your warranty valid you must maintain and look after your lock as per the manufacturer guidelines listed below.

Failure to regularly lubricate and maintain your locks may result in invalidating your warranty.

We recommend that you replace keys that show signs of wear immediately, snapped and/or damaged keys are not covered under warranty.


AVR have partnered with TVL so ensure both quality of product and service are assured.
Having examined the market, tried and tested other brands for quality and service it was decided that TVL gave the best quality, and installation quality moving forward for our customers.

The products are world leading, and TVL are the UK's specialist for commercial vehicle security with over 40 years' experience designing locking systems and locks.

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