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Tracker Locate Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Tracker Locate Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Tracker Locate Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Price (inc.VAT): 459.99

Price Includes Installation

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The Tracker Locate Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is one of the most advanced tracking units on the market. Covertly installed by one of our approved engineers and activated in the event of a theft.

The Tracker Locate will track your vehicle allowing it to be recovered, often within 24 hours. The Tracker Locate will protect you from even the most professional criminals.

Installation included.
Mobile, Nationwide and at your premises.

Once you have placed your order we will be in contact to book the fitting of your Tracker Locate stolen vehicle recovery system.

How The Tracker Locate Works
In the unfortunate event of your vehicle being stolen you should call the police and Tracker, the motion sensors in the Tracker Locate may notify Tracker about the theft before you are even aware. Once you confirm a theft is in progress the tracking unit will activate.

The police will use tracker receivers in their patrol cars and helicopters to track and locate your vehicle. As part of the Tracker mesh network your vehicle will also be tracked by other vehicle with tracker units fitted, these will then send alerts to Tracker and the police to help locate and recover your vehicle in as little time possible.

Once your vehicle has been located and secured a Tracker security guard will wait with your vehicle until recovery can be arranged. Vehicles can be recovered from anywhere in Europe to a UK location of your choice.

Tracker Locate Stolen Vehicle

Tracker Locate Features
Tracker locate comes with many features to track and locate your stolen vehicle in the shortest time possible, these are:

• Patented VHF technology to find your vehicle even if it is hidden in metal containers or underground car parks
• A combination of 3 methods of tracking providing Europe wide coverage (VHF, GSM, GPS)
• Signal jamming detection to stop criminals using GPS/GSM jammers to block the Tracker Locates signal
• In-built motion sensors to identify unauthorised movement
• Nationwide support from all UK police forces
• The Tracker Mesh network for even faster and more accurate tracking and location

Tracker Locate customers can now view their vehicle online using the new My Tracker website. My Tracker will offer information and features such as detailed driving and journey reports, route mapping and security alerts.

Subscription details for the Tracker Locate

1 Year £189
2 Years £339
3 Years £449
4 Years £539
5 Years £629

All subscription queries and payments are dealt with direct through Tracker.

Why Choose Tracker
Tracker has been the UK's leading stolen vehicle recovery expert for 20 years. Tracker offer high tech car security solutions to keep your vehicle safe. All tracker products are insurance approved, with Tracker you will benefit from their award winning, unique technology as well as nationwide support from all UK police forces.

With Tracker you will have the highest possible chance of retrieving your stolen vehicle, all vehicles are at risk of theft, fit a Tracker to keep it safe.

Tracker Locate Vehicle Recovery

The Police and Tracker
Tracker have a long established relationship with the entire UK police force in the UK. Over 1,700 Tracker detection systems are fitted in police patrol cars as well as 30 helicopters and VHF technology used in all Tracker products is compatible with detection systems used at all major UK sea ports. Tracker has a dedictated police liaison team which includes former police officers, they will work in partnership with the police force to recover your vehicle and catch the car thieves.

Tracker is dedicated to reducing vehicle crime and regularly sponsors research and events for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). Tracker stolen vehicle recovery solutions are endorsed by ACPO with their 'Secured by Design' police preferred accreditation.

Tracker Locate Recovery System

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