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Bury ActiveCradle Universal XXL Bluetooth Cradle

Bury ActiveCradle Universal XXL Bluetooth Cradle
Bury Universal XXL CradleBury Universal XXL Cradle - front & side viewBury Universal XXL Cradle Fitted

Bury ActiveCradle Universal XXL Bluetooth Cradle

Price (inc.VAT): 83.99

iPhone Charging Lead

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The new Bury ActiveCradle Universal XXL Bluetooth cradle combines the flexibility of the Bury UNI System 8 hands free car kit with all the advantages of Bluetooth technology. A wide range of smartphones can be used with this adjustable connection set.

The Bury ActiveCradle Universal XXL Bluetooth cradle can be turned by 90° in both directions so you can use smartphone apps with a horizontal angle of view. In addition to an antenna connector to further improve reception, the cradle also has Multipoint.

The Bury UNI System 8 ActiveCradle Universal XXL Bluetooth cradle comes with a Micro USB charging lead for your phone / device included in the box.

  • Compatible with UNI CarTalk – Base unit of the UNI System 8 hands-free car kits
  • Antenna coupler – for an external GSM antenna, in order to improve reception
  • Bluetooth connection of the smartphone and cradle
  • Multipoint function – connect two mobile phones with the system simultaneously
  • The cradle rotates and can be tilted - for the optimum display and operation of the apps
  • Battery charging option for unlimited talk time in your vehicle
  • Click assembly – for the rapid and simple changeover of the connection set
  • Automatic radio mute function when calling
  • Perfect voice output thanks to use of vehicle sound system
  • Antenna connection – possibility of connecting an external GSM antenna, which enables a superior broadcast and reception performance

What's in the box?:

Universal XXL Cradle
Four sets of inserts (corner fasteners) to suit various mobile phone shapes
Charging cable (Micro USB - suits most smartphones)
Installation manual on CD

Height: minimum 100 mm - maximum 142 mm
Width: minimum 42 mm - maximum 80 mm
Depth: minimum 8 mm - maximum 20 mm

The Bury ActiveCradle Universal XXL is compatible with many Bluetooth phones.

Please click on the link below to check compatibility:

pdf activeCradle-universal-XXL_Compatibility_list_EN.pdf 455kb

If you have a new phone and cannot see it listed, please call us to check compatibility as it may not have been added to the list yet.

Customer Reviews

  Excellent bit of kit  I have had this in my car with a Nokia Lumia 925 for almost 2 years and it functions perfectly. The charger is so neat and there is no tangle of over-long cable as the cable is neat and short, a perfect fit. Should I change cars I would DEFINITELY get another  (28/10/2015) Geoff - Somerset

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