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Steelmate PTS800V2 Front & Rear Parking Sensor

Steelmate PTS800V2 Front & Rear Parking Sensors - FITTED PRICE

Steelmate PTS800V2 Front & Rear Parking Sensors - FITTED PRICE

Price Includes Installation

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Visual Display
5 Year parts warranty*
• 8 Premium Quality Sensors
• Programmable for Tow Bars/Spare Wheels
• Price INCLUDES Fitting at your premises

Customer Reviews

  Thank You  The system look great and works very well,in extream weather conditions, Karl from Braintree worked on and made a very good job it looks factory fitted and you cant see any wires.Brillient WELL DONE.   (21/02/2013) John R - Chelmsford

  Thank you  Great piece of kit and a real top class installation, the engineer Karl was brilliant.   (18/10/2011) JJ - Midlands

Main Features:
Complete front & rear protection with 8 sensors
0.08s response time
Dashboard / Windscreen installation selectable
Anti-False alert even in heavy rain
Blue widescreen display with universal joint base
Fully insulated cables connectors
Self-test function for damaged sensors
Voice / audible warning modes selectable

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