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SmarTrack CAT5 Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

SmarTrack CAT5 Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

SmarTrack CAT5 Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Price (inc.VAT): 799.00

Price Includes Installation

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The SmarTrack CAT5 stolen vehicle recovery system is ideal for high value vehicles as it gives the very best security. It has an internal aerial for enhanced security and SGS type 1 polyprop casing for extra protection. The SmarTrack CAT5 has been designed and manufactured in the UK to give the very best tracking performance possible.

The SmarTrack CAT5 system has passed full e-mark and Thatcham CAT5 status.

Installation included.
Mobile, Nationwide and at your premises.

Once you have placed your order we will be in contact to book the fitting of your SmarTrack CAT5 stolen vehicle recovery system.

How the SmarTrack CAT5 Tracker works
The SmarTrack CAT5 Stolen vehicle tracker comes with a keyguard, if this keyguard is not present when the vehicle is started the tracker will alert SmarTrack who in turn will call a designated person(s) to confirm if a theft is in progress. SmarTrack will also alert you if the vehicle is moved with the keys or has its battery or power disconnected.

Once confirmed by you that a theft is in progress the vehicle will be immobilised so the thief cannot re-start the vehicle once stopped (requires police approval). SmarTrack will liase with the police to locate and recover your vehicle in the shortest time possible, once the vehicle is secure recovery will be arranged with you.

The SmarTrack CAT5 stolen vehicle tracking device has an inbuilt battery back-up device so the system has the ability to work even if the power supply is cut. If your battery runs low you will be notified via text message. The system will have an internal motion sensor, this is de-activated when the remote control keyguard is present. SmarTrack CAT5 is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

SmartTrack CAT5 features
The SmarTrack CAT5 comes with many features to help keep your vehicle safe;

• Thatcham approved category 5
• Secure online portal with private & business mileage, providing full reporting via your own personal online account
• Monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• 2 keyguard remotes included
• Full battery monitoring – notifications if your battery is disconnect and also low battery notifications
• Movement Sensors
• Online ‘geofencing’
• Immobilisation by the SOC in the event of a theft (requires police approval)
• Small covert system – manufacture emark compliant
• Ideal for cars, vans & HGV’s
• Emergency call button
• 3 year warranty (extendable to 12 years)*

*Warranty is dealt with directly through SmarTrack

Subscription Details - UK & European Cover

• Annual - 199.00
• 3 Year - 570.00

All subscription queries and payments are dealt with direct through SmarTrack - UK & European cover with full web including multi Geo-fence and private business mileage. Once subscription is purchased you will receive a welcome pack including a user manual, emergency customer card and also your insurance certificate.

Why SmarTrack
SmarTrack have the highest recovery rate in the UK for stolen vehicles, their current recovery rate is 110% - this is because they recover vehicles with trackers that are not manufactured by SmarTrack. SmarTrack have received 21 awards in the last 7 years for their stolen vehicle tracking units.

SmarTrack stolen vehicle tracking units are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and SmarTrack will liase with the police to recover your vehicle in as little time possible. The SmarTrack stolen vehicle tracking units are Thatcham approved and approved by all major insurers to reduce your insurance premium.

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