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Rear Parking Sensor Fitters

Rear Parking Sensor Fitters - OE Style Semi Flush
Rear Parking Sensor Fitters - Car SensorReverse Parking Sensor Fitters - Car SensorsRear Car SensorsReverse Car Sensor FittingSteelmate DS1 Visual LED DisplaySteelmate DS2 Visual LED Display

Rear Parking Sensor Fitters - OE Style Semi Flush

Price (inc.VAT): 169.99

FITTED PRICE - Fitted at your premises

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Sprayed to Match

Watch our video to see how we achieve our professional colour coded finish on our parking sensors - get the OEM look!

Steelmate PTS400 EX DP Rear Parking Sensors
The Steelmate car sensor kit PTS400EX DP is a high quality premier 4 sensor parking aid.
OEM sounding speaker as standard is included with this sensor kit.
The intelligent system can be programmed to ignore:
Tow Bars
Spare Wheels
Nudge bars

Audio/Visual Options:
The PTS400 EX DP Reverse Sensors can work with the upgraded LED displays
As standard these rear sensors come with a buzzer only
DS1 – Light indicator with buzzer
DS2 – Light indicator, digital count with buzzer

Rear Sensors 4 or 2
The Steelmate PTS400EX DP kit can be used as a 4-sensor kit, or a 2-sensor kit meaning it works with a wider range of vehicles such as
Mobility Vehicles
Small Bumpers

Rear Car Sensor Dimensions:
The sensor hole size is 19mm in diameter.
The visible external diameter of the sensor head is 22.9mm with a depth of 20.1mm

Steelmate PTS400EX DP Main Features:
58K sensors for better coverage and excellent stability
5-stage audible warning buzzer with adjustable tone pitch and volume
Option of adding a visual display
Extendable stopping distance from 30cm to 50cm,
Programmable for tow bars, spare wheels & steps
Heavy rain proof design
All weather design (-40°C>+80°C)
Anti-false alarm patent

Technical Parameters:
Voltage: 12/24V
Temperature: -40>+80°C
Input: <4W
Beep volume: 70>90dB
Range (Rear): 0.3>1.5m
Range (Front): 0.3>1.0m

Included in the kit:
4 x 14D-15 sensor heads with 4 degree clip on heads fitted
4 x 0 degree clip on heads
4 x 10 degree clip on heads
4 x 2.7m sensor cables
1 x ECU
1 x Power loom
1 x Speaker
1 x 4m speaker/visual display extension cable
1 x 19mm hole saw
1 x User/installation manual

Steelmate PTS400EX DP Rear Car Sensor Colour Coding

Professionally Sprayed Paint Match - We do NOT cut corners!

Colour Match WE DO - Have the parking sensors sprayed professionally in a paint shop (Directly sent to you prior to our arrival)
Colour Match WE DO - Paint to an exact match of your vehicle
Colour Match WE DO - If required, apply multiple paint coats for the best finish and match
Colour Match WE DO - Allow the parking sensors to dry correctly at each stage
Colour Match WE DO - Finish the process by baking the paint on and sealing.

Things that we do not do:
Colour Match WE DO NOT – Spray parking sensors on your drive way!*

(*This way, the sensors have no time to dry, there is no time to apply further coats, there is no time to re spray if there is a problem and no way of baking the colour on)

Find your Paint Code

Your sensors will be professionally sprayed and sent directly to you before your installation date. You can check them and ensure the colour is a perfect match, and the quality is perfect before our arrival. The process is smooth and any problems are picked up prior to our arrival. Delivery of parts is 7.99.

Steel Mate PTS400EX DP Rear Car Sensor Visual Display Upgrades

LED Light count down & Buzzer
The Steelmate DS1 Reverse parking sensor visual display unit can be mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard or rear roof lining. Compatible with our Steelmate PTS400EX (DP) & PTS400EX (DP) OE kits.
Steelmte DS1 Digital Display with LED

LED Light count down, digital numeric count & buzzer
The Steelmate DS2 Rear parking sensor visual display unit can be mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard or rear roof lining. Compatible with our Steelmate PTS400EX (DP) and PTS400EX (DP) OE kits.
Steelmte DS2 Digital Display with LED

5 Year parts warranty when you register
The Steelmate PTS400EX DP Car sensor Reverse parking kit comes with a 1-year parts warranty as standard.
You can get extend this by 4 years by registering your product directly with Steelmate on the link below:


12 Month Labour Warranty Call out on Faulty Parts

Avrmobiles.co.uk Limited offer a 12-month parts & labour warranty directly to our customers.

Cleaning the Sensors
The sensors should never be machine washed or pressure washed, they must always be hand washed, the powerful machines and pressure washers can damage the sensors and seals and leave them open to damage and water ingress. This would invalidate the warranty.

The sensors leave the paint lab with a prime undercoat, between 1 to 2 layers of colour coding paint are bake dried and have a protective spray applied.

Over time, due to weather conditions and cleaning, this protective spray may come off and you may experience unexpected alerts in wet weather, this is not a worry or a fault, you just need to ensure the sensors are dry and apply a small spray of a water repellent to protect the sensors from water sticking.

Parking Sensors are a fantastic added aid to your parking, you will still of course need to use your own judgement, eyes and mirrors, but parking sensors work as an aid to support this. They will always pick up solid objects, but may not pick up fences with gaps, poles, bollards, kerbs or other small or non-solid objects, which may fall between the ultra-sonic detection ranges. Also, change of incline, on some vehicles can cause alerts on rare occasions.

All warranty claims are based on the parts developing a fault as deemed by the manufacturer as faulty and does not cover damage, wear and tear, or any other non-warranty fault related problem. After 12 months any parts deemed faulty under warranty would be changed as per the warranty above, but our standard call-out charge/labour charges would apply.

Customer Reviews

  First class  Colour coded parking sensors arrived on time. Fitting arranged and carried out on time. Immaculate finished job by the technician. Highly recommended.  (30/09/2020) George -

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