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Porsche POR-IPOD iPod Interface

Porsche POR-IPOD iPod Interface

Porsche POR-IPOD iPod Interface

Price (inc.VAT): 334.99

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iPod Interface for all Porsches with PCM 2.0 onwards. This interface will replace the CD changer if installed, but who cares? With thousands of songs on your iPod, who needs a changer?

(Porsche PCM2 Bluetooth Phone Integration)

The i-POD can be accessed via the CDC button on the front unit. Menus, listings and tracks are found under the CD list and CD track menu (via Audio button) and operated with the right hand round button.

The iPod Kit requires professional installation, Call us on 01923 200930 to book an appointment.


Full control of your iPod from your PCM2 Unit.
Search through your iPod by; Playlists, Artists, Albums, Genres
Charge your iPod on connection
Auxliary Audio Input
Plug & Play Connection

Compatible Porsche models:

Porches with PCM 2.0 onwards

(Porsche POR-IPOD Kit)

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