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Jaguar Trackstar GPS Tracking Unit

Jaguar Trackstar GPS Stolen Vehicle Tracking Unit

Jaguar Trackstar GPS Stolen Vehicle Tracking Unit

Price (inc.VAT): 224.99

Price Includes Installation

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The Trafficmaster Jaguar Trackstar GPS Tracking unit is a Thatcham approved stolen vehicle tracking system that will pinpoint the location of a stolen vehicle every 20 seconds. The Trackstar uses the latest GPS stolen vehicle tracking technology to locate and track your vehicle, liaise with Police and recover your vehicle in as little time as possible.

The Jaguar Trackstar is the only Jaguar approved stolen vehicle recovery product. The Jaguar Trackstar is Thatcham approved and also recognised by insurers.

The trackstar unit will give your vehicles exact location, speed and direction via GPS positioning, this technology does not rely on the vehicle being near to an equipped police car which means your vehicle can be tracked regardless of whether a police car is immediately available.

The Jaguar Trackstar has leading GPS & motion sensor technology and is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Trackstar is endorsed by all police authorities and will protect against unauthorised movement, activate automatically when you leave your vehicle. It will detect if your vehicle is towed away, has it's battery disconnected and if there is an attempt to tamper with the Trackstar system. The Trackstar comes with Pan-European Cover as standard and has police priority in more than 44 countries.

Subsciption Details*

• Annual - 168.00
• 3 Year - 399.00

*All subscription queries and payments are dealt with direct through Trafficmaster - UK & European Cover

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