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DVS Suppliers

DVS suppliers - Direct Vision Standards Suppliers / Fitters

DVS suppliers - Direct Vision Standards Suppliers / Fitters

UK Wide fitters of DVS systems at your premises. Contact us for a quote, lease option available.

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Direct Vision Standard (DVS) Cameras & Compliance Suppliers & Fitters

If you operate HGVs inside the M25 you will need a DVS permit or you will get a £550 fine per incident.

Launching in October 2019 the Direct Vision Standard has been designed to make the streets of London safer for pedestrians and cyclists. The Standard comes into force 12 months later and affects ALL 12 tonne and above vehicles that enter London, with a £550 per day fine for non-compliance.

From October 1st, 2020 ALL vehicles over 12 tonne GWT will need to have a HGV Safety Permit to drive into the controlled area. To get a permit almost all your HGV's will need TfL's recommended safety equipment installing on them, including DVS compliant cameras.

AVR are here to offer you our expert advice and solutions to ensure you are compliant. We offer a fitting and installation service of DVS compliant cameras and solutions across the UK. We are DVS suppliers / Direct Vision camera suppliers and DVS installers/fitters. Divert Vision camera installers/fitters and can quote, and come to you to complete the work, we have a ready-made DVS pack which is both high quality and good value.

Here at AVR we can advise exactly what DVS compliant cameras and equipment your vehicle will need to satisfy the Direct Vision Standard.

Our mobile DVS engineers can then come to your premises to fit all the necessary equipment so that you can apply for your HGV Safety Permit.

DVS Direct Vision Suppliers & Fitters


Although postponement of fines has come into place, the deadline and permit application are still October 1st 2020. What is not stated is what liability you are responsible for should you have an incident and no permit or DVS cameras, and alarms fitted.

TfL statement announced Thursday 9th April 2020.

Postponement of enforcement of new DVS rules in London
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has asked Transport for London to delay the enforcement of new rules for London's Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for at least four months after their introduction this October 2020.
"We recognise that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the road freight sector in ways which could make compliance with the new standards more challenging. Though companies have been preparing for the new rules for some time, with many vehicles already compliant, the pandemic has disrupted supply chains and has placed additional demands on the industry. Postponing enforcement will allow the freight industry to focus on its core operations during the pandemic."
"We remain committed to working together to tackle some of London's biggest challenges, including road danger and air quality. Tightened emissions standards for buses, coaches, lorries and specialist vehicles - in line with the tough requirements in place for the central London Ultra Low Emission Zone - will help clean up London's air and save lives. Meanwhile the DVS will reduce danger to vulnerable road users by introducing a safety permit system for HGVs, assigning vehicles a star rating based on how much the driver can see directly through their cab window."
"Although the new rules under both schemes will still legally come into force in October, no charges will be payable or enforced for non-compliant vehicles under those new standards until the end of February 2021. The new date for the start of enforcement will be kept under review."

DVS - Direct Vision Standards Suppliers/Fitters/Installers Q & A:

Q: Who supplies DVS (Direct Vision Standard) cameras & equipment for my London TfL permit:
A: Suppliers such as we are suppliers of DVS compliance camera and alerts. We specialise in this product, have highly skilled fitters, and come to you to install

Q: Where can I get DVS (Direct Vision Standard) Cameras for London TfL permits:
A: As above from approved DVS (Direct Vision Standard) suppliers and fitters like ourselves

Q: How do a get a London TfL permit for DVS (Direct Vision Standard)
A: Once we have supplied and fitter your cameras and alert you can apply for your permit on the TfL website, submitting photos of the work we have done, along with a copy of your proof of purchase/install

Q: how do I know if my lorries are DVS compliant
A: You can check this via the TfL London permit website

Q: where can I get my DVS (Direct Vision Standard) cameras and alerts installed
A: We are a nationwide mobile fitter service, and we will come to you to install the kit onto your fleet of vehicles on days that suit your business

Q: When do I need to be DVS Complaint by
A: Permits form TfL came into force 1st October 2020. Fines have been delayed until March 2021, however, permits still apply.

Q: What is needed for DVS (Direct Vision Standard) London TfL Permit
A: DVS pack, which must be a reputable brand, working and reliable, installed to the correct standard and specification as outlined by TfL and that consists of a *left side camera, 7" in cab monitor. Left turn audible alarm, side alert sensors, large display sticker, low speed left turn CANBUS module.
*This is correct at the time of writing this, however specification may change, and if you are in any doubt and want to know for sure we recommend you contact us today to find out what the current regulations for DVS London TfL permit requirements are.

Q: What cameras do I need for DVS (Direct Vision Standard) TfL London permit compliance
A: you will need the equipment as listed in the above question, this information is correct at the time of writing, however you can contact us today to check for up to date information.

Please contact us for your DVS quote, and we will be happy to help, assist and answer any of your questions.

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