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DRL Daytime Running Lights - Motorcycle

DRL Daytime Running Lights - Motorcycle FITTED PRICE

DRL Daytime Running Lights - Motorcycle FITTED PRICE

Price (inc.VAT): 204.99

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Ring RML0380 Running Lights - Motorcycle
The excellent Biker high visibility day position lights produce a bright, narrow beam of light to significantly increase vehicle visibility and help reduce the risk of daytime accidents. The slim design of the lamps allows each LED light to fit directly onto the front and rear of your motorcycle, very small cables and fixing brackets provide a smooth installation.

Designed with 5x white LEDs for the front and 5x red LEDs for the rear the LEDs provide a powerful light with very low power consumption. The LEDs unique and stylish design can help modify your motorcycles appearance and help you to stand out, a must have addition for your Motorcycle.

Product Details:
Street Legal (E Approved)
Compact Design
Low power consumption
Long Life 5x LEDs
Light Unit Size: 105mm x 40mm x 25mm
Complete with fixing brackets
Colour: White front and Red rear

1 Year Parts
1 Year Labour

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