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Brigade White Sound Vehicle Reverse - Petrol Tanker

Brigade White Sound Petrol Tanker Reverse Alarm BBS-92ADR
White Sound Reverse Alarm Brigade BBS-92ADRWhite Noise Reverse Alarm For Petrol TankerBrigade White Sound Reverse Alarm

Brigade White Sound Petrol Tanker Reverse Alarm BBS-92ADR

Price (inc.VAT): 249.99

Includes Fitting

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Brigade White Sound Reverse Warning Alarm System

Brigade BBS-92ADR Medium Duty White Sound Vehicle Reversing Alarm - Fitted
Brigade bbs-tek® multi-frequency reversing alarm systems use a wide range of white sound frequencies for your vehicles safety when reversing. The BBS-92ADR is suitable for Petrol Tankers/Diesel Tankers/Fuel tankers and comes with the ADR cable for the vehicle. This allows the listener to instantly locate where and what direction the sound is coming from. The broadband white sound also gives works wearing hearing protection devices (HPDs) and people with hearing difficulties a better chance of hearing the backup alarm.
Brigade bbs-tek® White Sound reverse alarms create a 'ssh-ssh' alert sound which is gentle on the car and dissipates quickly, meaning the white noise alarm can only be heard in the danger zone.

Broadband sound
Instantly locatable
Sound confined to danger area
Eliminates noise nuisance
Sounder unit: speaker
Approved by the Noise Abatement society
Certified by NAS/PIEK for night-time delivery

Part Number: BBS-92ADR
Use: Petrol Tanker / Diesel Tanker / Fuel Tanker

Power 12-24v
IP68 Approved
Dimensions W127 x H76 x D65 mm
Mechanical vibration: 10G
Operating temperature: -40 to + 85ºC
CE marked
EMS approved e
SAE J994

White Noise Installation
All our white noise and white sound alarm systems come quoted with installation; this is UK wide, and at your premises. Fitting is professionally carried out by experienced auto electricians with years of install experience with all types of vehicles.

The Brigade BBS-92ADR White Sound Reverse Alarm Vehicle Compatibility:

Fuel Tanker
Petrol Tanker
Diesel Tanker

Brigade White Sound Backup Alarm Warranty:

*LIFETIME Months Parts
12 Months Labour

*Parts for all faults deemed faulty under manufacturer warranty.
Labour for workmanship, and repairs that require an installer to carry out the work.

With the Brigade BBS-92ADR Petrol Tanker you have a lifetime warranty on parts from Brigade. This warranty is offered from Brigade and is any warranty deemed a fault rather than wear and tear, user, or damage which are not covered.

Why Brigade White Sound Reversing Alarms?

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