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Bury CC9048 Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit

Bury CC9048 Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit

Bury CC9048 Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit

Price (inc.VAT): 89.99

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*Lead based on standard stereo, if your stereo is amplified additional cost/lead may apply

The Bury CC9048 Hands Free Car Kit Features
The Bury CC9048 has many features, although it may only be a 3-key remote as opposed to a touch screen Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits such as other kits in the Bury range it still boast impressive features. Unlimited music playback through its 30w amplifier via AD2P or an aux-in cable, charging function through a micro USB cable, all other connections are available at an extra charge but due to fitting, these will have to be purchased at time of booking.

The Bury CC9048 also offers the multipoint function which allows you to pair 2 phones simultaneously, ideal if you have a work and personal phone.

• Illuminated 3-key cable remote – for an easy safe operation
• Music Playback - Music streaming via A2DP or Aux-In Cable, built in 30w amplifier
• Multipoint Function - Allowing the connection of 2 phones simultaneously
• Voice Tags - Access your voice tags from your mobile phone*
• Micro USB Charging Cable - Allowing battery charging whilst on the move
• User Information - Status updates in a choice of 4 languages (English, German, French, Spanish)
• Voice Output - Filtering out of driving noises and the use of the vehicle's sound system
• Radio Mute - When receiving or making a call
• Memory Capacity - Up to 8 phones
• Update Feature - Via USB Cable and software package
• Aux-in Cable - Stream and transfer music files from your mobile phone

* Dependant on phone functionality

Bury CC9048 Bluetooth

Please find the technical spec of the Bury CC9048 below

External dimensions electronic box - 135 x 65 x 22 mm

Operating Voltage - 10 - 16v

Quiescent Current - Max. 1 mA by U = 13,5 V

Working Current - Approx. 500 mA in standby modus max. 1,5 A in active call

Temperature range - -20°C to +70°C

Bluetooth® profiles - Handsfree, Headset, A2DP

Bury CC9048 Fitted

The Bury CC9048 is easy to use, discreet and stylish, you can make, answer and end calls and also control the volume from the 3-key remote which illuminates for ease of use. The Bury CC9048 also had a built in 30w amplifier which allows for perfect voice output as well as the enjoyment of music playback. With the micro USB charging cable installed (adapters for other phones are available) you will never run out of battery on the move.

What's in the box?
• Illuminated Remote Control
• Electronic Box
• Microphone
• ISO Cable
• Extension Cord
• Micro USB Charging Cable
• Aux-in Cable
• Instruction CD

Bury CC9048 Car Kit

Information, support & FAQ's regarding the Bury CC9048

Click here - Bury CC9048 Manual

Click here - Bury CC9048 Data Sheet

Supply & Installation Warranty
Our supply and installation of hands free car kits come with a 12 month* on-site warranty covering parts and labour. If the unit develops a warranty fault within that time and needs replacing we come to site and replace with new parts. With a supply and installation of a hands free car kit you will also receive lifetime technical support regardless of whether you are out of the initial year warranty giving you peace of mind on your purchase.

At avrmobiles.co.uk we pride ourselves on our service, we give all customers existing or new the same level of care and attention. If you are unfortunate enough to have an issue with your car kit our highly skilled technical staff will talk you through solutions over the phone, over 85% off issues are solved in this way, if required, a service call out will be booked, a service call is given the same priority as a new hands free car kit installation showing we value all customers.

Supply Only Warranty
A supply only warranty is 12 months* This is a parts only warranty, you will receive technical support for the product however advice in installation can only be given if you purchased an installation from us. This is a replacement service once faulty goods have been received by they will then be replaced.

*Some car kit manufacturer's work under EU rules where they give a two year warranty from date of manufacture. This is not a 2 year warranty from date of purchase, but from the date stamped on the main box of the hands free car kit itself. If you are out of warranty (over 12 months) and you have had a supply and installation of a car kit which you would require a visit for a fault out of warranty, and when we get to site the parts are stamped within the 23 months, then we will still change the parts for free on the manufacturer's that offer this length parts warranty. (only labour would be charged outside of your warranty in this instance). If the manufacturer does not offer this, or the parts are over 23 months then parts would be chargeable also.

Why should I choose avrmobiles.co.uk for my Bury CC9048 Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit installation?
We at avrmobiles.co.uk have been trading on line since 1996 as a family run business offering nationwide installations of a wide range of products along with a wide range of mail order products.

Our objective
The idea of the business is that if you give customers the best possible advice, service, installation, customer support and value for money, then in return this service is rewarded with customers purchasing, coming back again and recommending us to friends and colleagues.

Non-governed industry leaves customer vulnerable
Not many customers are aware that our industry and safety quality is not governed! We believe this is crazy when you consider some of the damage poor installations have done over the years, including total write offs from electrical problems. On a daily basis we see cars and reports on dangerous installations and the public are not made aware of just how dangerous a mistake on cars electrics can be. Surprisingly it is for us retailers to self-certify ourselves, and not all retailers do this.

Being the cheapest or being the best value: two very different things.
Being the best value for money in terms of price, product, service, installation, advice, after sales support as a whole package is what we are about.

Being the cheapest? Well sometimes you can find a bargain, but more often than not people are the cheapest for a very good reason, or should that be for a very bad reason. As a customer we recommend you do your homework. Do not instantly think 'cheapest, bargain!' but ask yourself why are they so cheap? Does the company have an address, do they have a land line phone number, do they have good reviews and reputation, are they FCS registered, shop safe registered. Is this a company you can trust, do they have office staff to help with technical queries, complaints and problems. Are you only dealing with one person? What happens if you have a complaint against this one person?

We hope this advice helps you make the correct choice on your supply and installation of Bury CC9048 Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit. Be it with us or another company, we would welcome your business, but if we do lose your business we want to ensure you are in safe hands with whoever you choose.

With good sensible research you should have a happy and safe shopping experience.

Gavin Rees

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