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Apple iPhone 6 Cradle

Bury UNI Take&Talk Charging Cradle for iPhone 6

Bury UNI Take&Talk Charging Cradle for iPhone 6

Price (inc.VAT): 93.99


Note: This cradle is not big enough for the iPhone 6 PLUS.

The new Bury Take&Talk charging cradle for the iPhone 6 combines the flexibility of the Bury UNI System 8 hands free car kit with all the advantages of Bluetooth technology.

If you change your phone in the future, a wide range of smartphones can be used with this adjustable connection set, with many different charging leads available to buy.

Apple iPhone 6 Charging cradle for your Bury System 8 Take & Talk hands free car kit

Active mobile device holder with charging function for all Bury UNI System 8 hands-free car kits
The Bury UNI Take&Talk mobile device holder series embodies the flexibility of the Bury UNI System 8. When you change your mobile you can simply continue using your basic set and then look for the right holder for your new mobile. Our extensive range enables the use of more than 250 mobile models from leading manufacturers. The universal hands-free device is designed in such a way as to be a successful link between great flexibility and a high conversation quality.

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