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Reverse Parking Sensors Fitted

Reverse Parking Sensors - FITTED PRICE
Semi-Flush Rear Sensors fitted to Ford FocusSemi Flush Rear Sensors fitted to VW PoloSemi Flush Rear Sensors fitted to BMW 1 Series Semi Flush Rear Sensors fitted to Dacia Sandero

Reverse Parking Sensors - FITTED PRICE

Price (inc.VAT): 159.99

Price Includes Installation

Choose Your Colour

Request Installation Information

Sprayed to Match
• Have your sensors Professionally sprayed
5 YEAR WARRANTY on the sensors*
• 4 Premium Sensors with Adjustable Buzzer
• Programmable for Tow Bars/Spare Wheels
• Price INCLUDES Fitting at your premises

Professionally Sprayed Paint Match - We do NOT cut corners!

Colour Match WE DO - Have the parking sensors sprayed professionally in a paint shop (Directly sent to you prior to our arrival)
Colour Match WE DO - Paint to an exact match of your vehicle
Colour Match WE DO - If required, apply multiple paint coats for the best finish and match
Colour Match WE DO - Allow the parking sensors to dry correctly at each stage
Colour Match WE DO - Finish the process by baking the paint on and sealing.

Things that we do not do:
Colour Match WE DO NOT – Spray parking sensors on your drive way!*

(*This way, the sensors have no time to dry, there is no time to apply further coats, there is no time to re spray if there is a problem and no way of baking the colour on)

Find your Paint Code

Once you have placed your order on line we will contact you with a booking date and time for our engineer to arrive with you. The sensors will be professionally sprayed and sent directly to you before your installation date, this is so you can check them and ensure the colour is a perfect match, and the quality is perfect before our arrival. This means the process is smooth and any problems are picked up prior to our arrival. Delivery of parts is 6.99. The price quoted includes installation UK wide at your premises.

Price includes Product & UK Nationwide On Site Installation

Our rear parking sensors fitted UK wide at your home or work address, is a very popular and great solution to solve any rear parking problems. This pack comes with 4 Premium rear parking sensors. These parking sensors are sensitivity adjustable to maximise performance, it also has a 4 stage audible buzzer for ease of use when reverse parking. These rear parking sensors can be programmed to deal with tow bars, and/or spare wheels. For more details, please see below

Our parking sensors can have the sensors colour coded to an exact match to your vehicle to ensure a neat and high quality finish.

Have your Reverse Sensors Installed NATIONWIDE with Colour Coding.

When we have received your order, we will call you to arrange your installation date

Why deliver the sensors if you are coming to my address to install them?

Many good reasons for this. The main reasons are to ensure the booking time is quicker for our customers. Getting the parts on site quickly ensures we can book engineers sooner. The other main reason is to ensure the job goes ahead successfully first time with no mistakes. With the kit arriving with you prior to our engineer arriving with you this ensures you have time to check the paint is correct, it gives time for the paint to set correctly, and enables you to make sure you have the correct parts for the job. A delivery charge applies. Some competitors paint on site, which should never be done! This always results in poor quality sensors that have not had time to dry and sensors that are prone to peeling and damaging. Do it right, do it once!

Key Features:

4 Eye rear sensor kit
Volume Adjustable Buzzer (when installed)
Auto Tow bar Detectable Function
Self-test function
Anti-False Alert Technology
Constant tone distance programmable (either 30/50/70cm)
Compatible with Nudge bars & Spare Wheels

Rear Sensors

Technical Specifications: 4 Rear Parking Sensors

Detection Range: 0.3/1.5m
Stoppage Range Programmable: 30cm / 50cm / 70cm

Sensor Colours
Colour Coding to match your vehicles exact colour or
Matt Black

Your reverse parking sensors can be professionally colour code / colour matched in a dedicated paint shop to a high quality triple coat finish. They will then be shipped directly to you for inspection, before our installation engineer arrives to carry out your installation.

Parking Sensor Warranty:
avrmobiles.co.uk has secured some fantastic warranty deals with Steelmate for these Parking Sensors. Please find details below of what cover you will get for which particular parts you purchase.

Parking Sensor Warranty Details:

*5 Year parts warranty on Front & Rear Sensors (one owner, one vehicle).
12 Month Parts Warranty on Switches
12 Month Warranty on CANBUS Module
12 Month Labour Warranty Call out on Faulty Parts

*Avrmobiles.co.uk Limited offer a 12 month parts warranty directly to our customers, however Steelmate as a distributor offer customers 5 years on parking sensor parts. For most cases we can facilitate this for our customers, alternatively the warranty for parts can be requested direct with Steelmate.

All warranty claims are based on the parts developing a fault as deemed by the manufacturer as faulty and does not cover damage, wear and tear, or any other non-warranty fault related problem. After 12 months any parts deemed faulty under warranty would be changed as per the warranty above, but our standard call-out charge/labour charges would apply. *The Steelmate 5 year warranty is a distributor offer that we can facilitate for our customers, or if this is not possible the manufacturer will fulfil your warranty for the parts. Avrmobiles offer a 12 month warranty on all parts and labour for warranty developed faults.

To see our gallery of installation photos click on the button below and then select your vehicle make.

Installation Photos

We have many photos so if you can't find what you're looking for please contact us.

Why Us?

Why should I choose avrmobiles.co.uk to install my Rear Parking Sensors / Reverse Parking Sensors
We at avrmobiles.co.uk have been trading on line since 1996 as a family run business offering nationwide installations of a wide range of products along with a wide range of mail order products.

Our objective
The idea of the business is that if you give customers the best possible advice, service, installation, customer support and value for money, then in return this service is rewarded with customers purchasing, coming back again and recommending us to friends and colleagues.

Non-governed industry leaves customers vulnerable
Not many customers are aware that our industry and safety quality is not governed! We believe this is crazy when you consider some of the damage poor installations have done over the years, including damaged bumpers ranging from scratches, dents and even holes! Surprisingly it is for us retailers to self-certify ourselves, and not all retailers do this.

Being the cheapest or being the best value: two very different things.
Being the best value for money in terms of price, product, service, installation, advice, after sales support as a whole package is what we are about.

Being the cheapest? We like to think our prices are the lowest for this type of level of quality and service, but of course there are cheaper, that maybe don't offer the same as us. As a customer we recommend you check companies out. Does the company have an address, do they have a land line phone number, do they have good reviews and reputation, are they industry approved, shop safe registered. Is this a company you can trust, do they have office staff to help with technical queries, complaints and problems. Are you only dealing with one person? What happens if you have a complaint against this one person?

We hope this advice helps you make the correct choice on your supply and installation of your Rear Parking Sensors. Be it with us or another company, we would welcome your business, but if we do lose your business we want to ensure you are in safe hands with whoever you choose.
With good sensible research you should have a happy and safe shopping experience.

Gavin Rees


Customer Reviews

  5 stars    (15/03/2016) Carol and Renato - Iseo

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