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Bury Take & Talk Cradles and Adapters

Bury Take and Talk Cradles

The Bury UNI Take & Talk range of Cradles perfectly sums up the flexibility of the UNI System 8 Hands Free Car Kit.

On changing your mobile phone, you can continue to use your Bury hands free car kit base unit; you simply find a suitable Bury Take & Talk Cradle or Adapter for your new mobile phone.

If there is not a specific cradle for your device you can use either the Bury AD9060 Bluetooth Adapter or the Bury Universal XXL Cradle (which also comes with a micro USB charging cable)


If you have a Bury Car Kit installed by your vehicles manufacturer (i.e Nissan or Bentley), these cradles may not work with your car kit, as some manufacturers have their cradles encrypted. Please check with your vehicle manufacturer before ordering.

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